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Infusebox Inc. is proud to release ModemUP, a module that allows you to insure that your client’s Cable or DSL modem connection stays up.


Time is money.  Cable / DSL modem lockups are not the exception, but rather the rule.  And they cost you money.  How many times have you had to walk a client through power cycling their modem in order to be able to connect with their system?  How often have you needed to connect to a remote project, only to find that you can’t get in because the modem or router is locked requiring an onsite visit?


ModemUP was created to address the above issues, as well as to provide consistency of connection for clients that wish to connect to their systems remotely for Xpanel or security camera functions.


ModemUP provides a method for your client’s internet connection to become self healing.  ModemUP polls the internet for connectivity, and upon failing to connect three consecutive times, it produces a digital pulse that can be used to power cycle the modem. 

The power cycle pulse can be used with an intelligent power conditioner that has controllable switched outlets, or more simply with one of the onboard relays of the Crestron processor.


ModemUP will save you time and money, and will also benefit your clients in helping them avoid connection loss.  

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  • How do I download my order?
    Immediately after you submit your order an email will be sent to you containing your personal link to your digital download. You may also download purchased products by logging into your InfuseboX Store account  > click on Your Account > Order History

    What comes with my order?
    Your order will contain an example program demonstrating how to use the modules, an archive to provide ease of importation of SIMPL and SIMPL+ modules, and technical support.  

    Contact: or any member of the InfuseboX team!

Product Code: MOD84

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